If you have a few hours to spare on weekends or during the week consider being a volunteer at Cherry Hill. You will meet interesting people while learning more about the history of 19th-century Virginia. There are many ways in which you can participate. If you are interested please contact Corey Jannicelli at 703.248.5171 or [email protected].

Tour Guides conduct tours of the house for adults and/or children. Tours are given both weekdays and weekends. No minimum number of hours is required.
Cherry Hill Host/Hostess greets visitors and assists at receptions, weddings, and teas.
Special Project Volunteers work on fundraising, hospitality, and research projects.
Barn Volunteers help children grind and shell corn in the barn on Saturday mornings.


This video was created by the Friends of Cherry Hill Foundation as an additional training tool for new docents or docents looking for a quick refresher.