Rental Guidelines


  • No furnishings can be moved without approval from the Cherry Hill Coordinator and only under the supervision of City staff.
  • Only the two sofas and black cushioned chairs can be used for seating. There are an additional twenty gold cushioned chairs available for your use. They are stored underneath the stairs.
  • Vases for flowers must be placed on mirrored coasters provided by Cherry Hill.
  • No dishes, cups, glasses etc., (full or empty), should be placed on any furniture except the dining room table.
  • Two butler stands with trays are available for collecting dishes.
  • A protective covering should be used underneath any dining room tablecloth. A pad can be found in the dining room built-in cupboard.
  • No additional heating or lighting fixtures should be placed on any furniture.
  • Electric coffee pots should only be used in the kitchen. Pots are available for your use to transfer coffee or tea brewed in the electric coffee makers.
  • The contents of the dining room sideboard and cupboard are not for public use.
  • The two upstairs bedrooms furnished in period antiques will be closed to the public during rentals.
  • The large upstairs room with adjoining restroom are available for guests.

Food & Drink

  • Food and beverages are NOT allowed in the parlor.
  • All food should be prepared in the modern kitchen attached to the house.
  • Bottles of wine and champagne should be opened in the kitchen. Pitchers, a punch bowl, and cups are available for your use.
  • The white dishes in the tall kitchen cabinet are also available for your use.
  • If kitchen dishes are used, please only load them in the dishwasher but do not start.
  • Ice in plastic bags should not be left in plastic bags on the counter or kitchen floor.
  • Trash bags are available for your use. Renters must take garbage upon leaving unless the City trash removal fee was paid prior to event. If fee was paid, garbage should be placed in the trash cans directly behind the house in the unlocked shed.


  • Everything brought to your event must be taken away when you leave.
  • Trash bags are available for your use.
  • Kitchen and dining room floors should be swept before leaving.
  • If kitchen dishes are used, please only place them in dishwasher but do not start dishwasher.

Fire Regulations

  • No smoking is allowed in the house.
  • No tables or equipment may block the rear door in the hallway.
  • No candles or flame of any kind, unless pre-approved by the Cherry Hill Farmhouse Coordinator.
  • The fireplaces in the house are non-functional and cannot be used.


  • Decorating plans should be discussed with the Cherry Hill Farmhouse Coordinator.
  • Helium balloons are not allowed, nor are any decorations attached to the interior or the exterior of the house with tape, glue, staples, nails, etc. Confetti is not permitted.


  • Beer, wine, and champagne are allowed but a permit must be obtained.


  • Amplified live and recorded music is allowed at reasonable levels.

Cherry Hill Farmhouse Staff

For all rentals, a City of Falls Church staff member will be on hand the day of your event. They will open the house and be there during the event to answer questions and ensure all rules and regulations are being followed.

Damage Deposit

A $400 refundable deposit is due at the time of your rental. Please be advised that you will be held responsible for any damages to furnishings that occur during your rental and that damages will be deducted from your deposit. Cherry Hill Farmhouse offers a unique setting. We want you to enjoy the special ambiance that this historic house will lend to your event and hope that proper respect will be given to all household furnishings.

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