School Programs

Cherry Hill has specially designed school programs offering hands-on activities and connecting classroom learning to our 19th-century farm. The cost is $2.00 per child, chaperones are admitted free.

Now Verse Then Program for Kindergartners

Students love this trip back in time. A tour of both the farmhouse and barn allow students to identify the differences between life in 1860 and today. Hands-on activities include identifying old kitchen tools and the chance to grind an ear of corn in our historic barn. SOLs: History K.1, K.2

Simple Machines Program For Third Graders
This tour offers many hands-on opportunities for self-discovery. Children will tour the farmhouse and barn to learn how both simple and compound machines made life easier for the 19th-century farmer. They will examine and identify simple machines a housewife would have used in her kitchen and identify simple and compound machines the farmer would have used in his barn. They will have an opportunity to shell and grind corn using old machines. SOLs: Science:3.1, 3.2;History 3.7;English 3.1

Civil War Homefront Program for Grade 4
Students will use primary sources and examine Civil War artifacts to learn how the Civil War affected civilians in Northern Virginia. They will then tour the Farmhouse and Barn to learn how the Blaisdell family survived the Civil War at Cherry Hill.
SOLs: History and Social Sciences VS. 1, VS.7; Science 4.8; English 4.1, 4.2